Minnesota Landmarks 1000 piece puzzle

Minnesota Landmarks 1000 piece puzzle

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Mark Herman is an award-winning commercial graphic artist, designer and illustrator.  His true passion is creating his own iconic graphic art – depictions of landmarks and other notable moments.  In this PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle Mark captures a number of iconic landmarks throughout his home state of Minnesota. 

The Twist - Mixed Up!™ - A Shuffle of tiles, a picture exchange – how the final arrangement will appear is a mystery waiting to be solved.


Something's Amiss! Here's the Twist: The puzzle on the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle in the box! What happened here?

Difficulty: Advanced 


  • ★ Tricky! Box Cover Image Is Different From The Jigsaw Puzzle Image!
  • ★ Interlocking Pieces
  • ★ Unique Piece Shapes
  • ★ Made In The USA
  • ★ Premium Blue-Backed Puzzle Board Made From 90% Recycled Materials

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